Understanding Detox Symptoms

A healing crisis can result when all of our bodies systems work together to eliminate waste and prepare for regeneration. Old tissues get replaced with new while stored toxins are eliminated and stored waste is more easily removed.

As you detox you may or may not experience a ‘healing crisis’. This is a welcome sign of beneficial healing. Flu like symptoms, skin rashes and ear infections (as toxins gather in the ears), nausea, headache, sleepiness, joint pain, fatigue and diarrhoea are normal detox symptoms and could last for up to 3 days.

The more frequent your treatments, the more rapid the healing and more severe the healing reactions can be. It can become uncomfortable and if so reduce the frequency of your treatments to once per week but it is recommended NOT to stop the treatment, rather go as slowly as your body needs for a gradual, more comfortable cleansing. Always drink at least 8 glasses of the most alkaline water to support your system.



A rash can be a result of detoxification and is also part of a Healing Crisis. Our bodies accumulate bacterial colonies and environmental toxins which we store in fat tissue. During a detox, these get dislodged and enter the bloodstream to start filtering and eliminating the toxins which can temporarily impact your well being.

If you get a rash, we will reduce your ozone % and its best to give your body 2-3 days to recover before resuming therapy. If the rash persists, reduce your sessions per week by 50% for 3 weeks.


How steam sauna ozone therapy can help you:

  • It Inactivates viruses; oxidizes bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, protozoa, cancer cells
  • Stimulates the immune system, speeds up our healing process
  • Increases the resistance to infection and illnesses
  • Accelerates blood flow and helps renew skin cells. It also makes the skin look firmer and smoother
  • Oxidizes the lactic acid and helps to relax and increase flexibility
  • Treats joint pain and muscular diseases
  • Balances hormone and enzyme production
  • Strengthens memory and brain function
  • Has positive effects on depression and anxiety disorders. Oxidizes adrenaline and promotes calmness

Because the treatment combines two therapies in one it is not suitable for everybody. The heat/sweat component increases heart rates and the ozone thins out blood. Heat is added as a benefit to promote sweating to release more toxins, the heat can be moderated for those sensitive to it. 


With over 100 benefits it is a treatment which most people will benefit from but those that shouldn’t  use Steam Sauna Ozone Therapy include

  • Any person who is pregnant 
  • If you are frail, weak or bedridden 
  • Recent heart attack or stroke patients, wait 3 months before doing ozone therapy
  • If you have consumed alcohol in the last few hours 
  • If you suffer from blood disorders e.g. Hemophilia as ozone thins out blood 
  • If you have any active bleeding, rather wait for the bleeding to subside as ozone thins out blood it could increase the bleed. 
  • If you are receiving chemo therapy, wait 4 days after chemo before your next Ozone session.
  • Any person with thrombosis - ozone thins out the blood and could dislodge a clot allowing it to move to the brain 
  • Anybody suffering from hyperthyroidism needs to avoid the heat

Some of the people that experience the best benefits: 


Good for athletes:

Ozone activates the Krebs cycle and causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues.  If used regularly, steam sauna ozone therapy will reduce recovery time between races and many report an increase in their endurance.

Good for weight loss:

Ozone Therapy helps burn fat and gets your metabolic rate back to where it should be.


Good for relieving pain and inflammation:

Arthritus sufferers and people with sports injuries experience fast effective relief.  


Great for boosting the immune system and reducing reliance on antibiotics.

We look forward to being part of your wellness journey!!