Things you want to know about Steam Sauna Ozone

Things you want to know about Steam Sauna Ozone

What do I need to know before I come in for a Ozone session?

Drink plenty of water before and after your ozone session. Try not to wear any body lotion, perfume or deodorant on the day of your treatment. Some clients like to loofah before to ensure that their pores are open for ultimate elimination.

What do I need to wear in the steam sauna?

We recommend sitting completely naked, we provide a towel to use and you are completely concealed by the cabinet. A benefit of doing our ozone sauna sessions is to see the toxins that have been eliminated from your body onto the white towels where you sat.

If you do want to wear underwear or a costume while in the capsule; that's ok, bring clean undies for after.

You may want to bring loose fitting clothes to wear after your treatment as some people continue to sweat for 20 minutes once they are done.

Is there an age restriction for Ozone Sauna Therapy? 

There is a minimum age. No persons under the age of 12 are permitted to use our ozone sauna. Any persons between12 and 17 must have parental consent and the parent is to come in and sign the liability form before the minor uses our services.

How often should one use the Ozone Sauna?  

We recommend coming no less than twice a week to see good results. However, the Ozone sauna can be used every second day once you're completely comfortable.

If someone is on a detox or weight loss program it is important to come in often, this allows your oxygen levels to increase and kick start the metabolic process. Secondly, it allows the body to start dumping years of accumulated toxins safely and easily without putting added strain on the liver and kidneys.

How long is each treatment?

The ozone treatment is 20 minutes and we do an assessment that measures your weight, visceral fat%, body fat%, hydration levels, muscle mass, physique rating and metabolic rate before and after the treatment. You will see a change in your results after your session and a shift in the right direction with multiple treatments.

You will need approximately 40 minutes from start to end including dressing and undressing. 

Will someone be in the room assisting me while I have my session? YES! The attendant will be giving you water to drink or adjusting the heat if needed. You will be monitored throughout the session to assure your comfort and safety.

Can I use ozone to detoxify?

Yes! most health problems start with toxins suffocating cells, preventing your cells from producing energy and absorbing nutrients. If more of us used ozone to detoxify, there would be far less illness around.

Should I be on a special diet when I receive ozone therapy? It is very useful for the success and efficiency of ozone therapy to have a healthy diet. This way part of ozone administered need not be wasted dealing with unwanted substances from incorrect eating. So yes, if special diet means a healthy, well balanced diet including hydration.

How well has ozone been tested? 

Ozone has been used in medicine since the fifties. Millions of treatments have been given with no deleterious side effects. Thousands of research studies have been published.

How is the Ozone Sauna cleaned between clients? 

Sanitation is vitally important, after every client the sauna is wiped clean using a natural nontoxic disinfectant. The ozone itself nukes any form of fungi and bacteria inside of the capsule. White towels are placed under your feet and under your body: these towels are washed at our local laundromat so that they are thoroughly clean and fresh for our next clients.