Yoga, ozone and bespoke retreats

Retreats offer a way for you to reconnect with yourself, finding inner peace or inspiration to move beyond your current frame of mind. My retreats are designed to help get you into a deep state of relaxation and self healing through outdoor activities, yoga, meditation, steam sauna ozone, delicious nutritious food, local cultural experiences and wonderful meaningful conversation. I am pro sleep, activities are always optional and you will have the choice to engage and connect with people from different cultures/countries or simply be in the moment wherever you find yourself.

We begin with mindful silent tea as the sun rises over the idyllic Indian ocean and we wrap up the days with family-style dinners and Yoga Nidra nightcaps to help you nod off. Spoils await with


This is a luxurious barefoot break accommodating a maximum of 9 guests in one of South Africa's most pristine beach lodges. Connecting with the ocean is a big part of our philosophy on this



Cape Town & surrounds

Plettenberg Bay

Saint Francis Bay

St Helena Island

Thonga Beach 

Tanah Lot 

Whale Rock Beach


May 2021